Monday, September 28, 2009

Life's Changes

Life has thrown me a few curves the last year or so. I've had time to reevaluate one or two things. Some changes are coming, and challenges too. One thing I have done though is give myself the chance to go back to the days when I used my heart, my hands, and my mind for creative endeavors.

I need to thank my new friend, Penny Duncan, for giving me not just an outlet for creative urges, but also a group of friends that feels like a family. Penny is one talented lady - please be sure and check out her ART at

I have only completed a few items, and they are all for the ARTHaven group, but I know this is just the start.

Here is my latest, a haunted row house to go with a collection of row houses that group members are creating for one another. Next up is a church. I am looking forward to that one a great deal!

This next picture is of a Journal I completed for Journals of Love, a project Shirley Nagle has started to provide cancer patients with Journals to capture their thoughts, notes, dr. comments, anything they might need to write down. Shirley has inspired many of us to create one of a kind books for them, and I am glad that I have been able to help. If you are interested in contributing to this project, email me and I will get you in touch with Shirley directly.

This last picture is a card that I made for the group card lottery – the theme was cat’s and it was a blast coming up with this stylized little kitty. Just reminds me so much of the attitude that I receive from my own felines. SO much fun!

Thanks for letting me share with you. I am looking forward to adding lots of new ARTworks soon!