Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas...

It is starting to feel a lot like Christmas here in my little part of the world. While the house is bare, with no holiday decor as yet, I am feeling the spirt of the season. This book was created for a friend in my ARTHaven group. I hope she enjoys it as much as I do. The last three pictures are of the little goodies that are tucked inside the book.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trash to Treasure Blog Candy

Lynn at Trash to Treasure Art is giving away blog candy for her one year blogaversary!
She has some incredible art and talent - take a look, you will be amazed just as I was.
Leave a comment for a chance to win one of several awesome pieces of blog candy (like this bracelet shown above!!). Don't miss out!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Art Fun

I got to have more fun with paper today. Remarkably, every one let me play with almost no interruptions. I got the Christmas card below done for an ARTHaven swap. I just love the sweet little girl in blue.

I also got a Thanksgiving Card done for the SSC group. I have to include another thanks to Tami Putvin for being so generous with her fibers. Once again I found the perfect match in those she shared with me.

Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you enjoyed looking! Have a day - maybe I will be able to get some more done today - that would be a great treat for me.

The Beauty of Snowflakes

This morning I took time to play with paper. This card is the result. I found a wonderful web site with these beautiful pictures (www.snowcrystals.com). These are actual photo's of real snow crystals. Nature itself truly creates the most magnificant ART there is.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Church for ARTHaven

Today I got to make a church for the ARTHaven Row House Swap. Every month we get a new theme and everyone gets thier creative on. I was really excited with this challenge because I could see it in my mind right from the start. It was fun putting it into form and reality. (The sparkle you see is tiny little glass beads). I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another First - Charms

I ventured into an area not familier to me, and made these charms for the ARTHaven swap. It wasn't a fast process for me, as I am the typical accountant and had to over think every aspect of making them. I am pretty pleased with them for a first - and I guarantee they won't be the last I make. I hope the ladies who are going to receive them will enjoy them.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The ART of Magic

Long ago I got to witness the art of Magic - David Copperfield Magic. I have been a fan, even before seeing my first live show well over 20 years ago. I was awed at that night. He appeared in the audience right next to me, placed his hands on my shoulders and spoke with me. I was a gonner at that point - a fan for life.

Fast forward to tonight, and another David Copperfield moment. We spent close to two hours watching art of a magical sort. The man is truly a magnificent artist - fooling the eye, entrancing the audience, leaving children wide eyed and amazed. My daughter Katherine saw her first live magic show, just as I did many years back. She was entranced thru the entire show, sad when it ended. I have to admit I am still just as big a fan, and still find the man to be magnetically attractive.

Once again tonight he appeared right behind us. Katherine and Rodney were stunned, mouth wide open as they realized he was within two feet of them. He smiled, they smiled, and Katherine was a gonner. :-) Like mother, like daughter.

It was a wonderful night, full of fun and magic. Every life needs a little magic - it makes it so much more interesting.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I finally found some ART time.

I was happy to finally find some art time over last weekend and tonight. I find I relax so much when I am playing with paper. It brings a bit of calm into a very hectic and crazy life.

This card was made to say thank you to my dear friend Susie. She has been a huge support and wondeful friend for several years now. I appreciate her part in my life more every day.

I made the next card for the ARTHaven great pumpkin swap. I have had a hard time getting this one made, but it finally came together and I am pleased with it. I have to thank my very generous friend Tami for the great fibers that were the perfect addition to this card.

I was playing with some of the printers samples I got a few months ago and came up with this great "French" inspired card. The image was one of the divider pages in a sample book and I loved the feel of it. I added a little Tim Holtz and voila.

This was a great stamp I found at Michaels that I just had to play with. I plan on using this as the front art of a Journal of Love.

Thanks for visiting today - I hope you have a wonderful night!

Monday, October 5, 2009

It Is A Learning Process

Creativity is a learning process all its own. You have to learn to let yourself venture and explore, and let the creative side take over from the analytical side. It's not always an easy process for a number driven, analytically minded person, but in little steps, it happens. The three items posted here tonight are all part of that learning process...I am slowly stretching and learning...and as I go I hope that there are improvements over each of the previous creations.

The first is a card for the mother in law of an ARTHaven friend, who at 84 faced cancer with a brave front, and continues to grow stronger, even with preventative treatments. That spirit is an incredibile testment to life.

Also created for an ARTHaven exchange, the fall tag was great fun to create. It started with a an image I printed out and distressed with Distress Ink from Tim Holtz. I added some beautiful fibers and a lovely copper flower. The Many Blessings ribbon tags added just the right touch.

Last but not least is the Harvest Blessings card that I created with an image I downloaded and stickled and placed on a solid background. The green damask is from a great book of wallpaper samples that I was lucky to be given.

Have a great evening everyone - thanks for looking!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Life's Changes

Life has thrown me a few curves the last year or so. I've had time to reevaluate one or two things. Some changes are coming, and challenges too. One thing I have done though is give myself the chance to go back to the days when I used my heart, my hands, and my mind for creative endeavors.

I need to thank my new friend, Penny Duncan, for giving me not just an outlet for creative urges, but also a group of friends that feels like a family. Penny is one talented lady - please be sure and check out her ART at http://pennyduncancreations.com/.

I have only completed a few items, and they are all for the ARTHaven group, but I know this is just the start.

Here is my latest, a haunted row house to go with a collection of row houses that group members are creating for one another. Next up is a church. I am looking forward to that one a great deal!

This next picture is of a Journal I completed for Journals of Love, a project Shirley Nagle has started to provide cancer patients with Journals to capture their thoughts, notes, dr. comments, anything they might need to write down. Shirley has inspired many of us to create one of a kind books for them, and I am glad that I have been able to help. If you are interested in contributing to this project, email me and I will get you in touch with Shirley directly.

This last picture is a card that I made for the group card lottery – the theme was cat’s and it was a blast coming up with this stylized little kitty. Just reminds me so much of the attitude that I receive from my own felines. SO much fun!

Thanks for letting me share with you. I am looking forward to adding lots of new ARTworks soon!