Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I finally found some ART time.

I was happy to finally find some art time over last weekend and tonight. I find I relax so much when I am playing with paper. It brings a bit of calm into a very hectic and crazy life.

This card was made to say thank you to my dear friend Susie. She has been a huge support and wondeful friend for several years now. I appreciate her part in my life more every day.

I made the next card for the ARTHaven great pumpkin swap. I have had a hard time getting this one made, but it finally came together and I am pleased with it. I have to thank my very generous friend Tami for the great fibers that were the perfect addition to this card.

I was playing with some of the printers samples I got a few months ago and came up with this great "French" inspired card. The image was one of the divider pages in a sample book and I loved the feel of it. I added a little Tim Holtz and voila.

This was a great stamp I found at Michaels that I just had to play with. I plan on using this as the front art of a Journal of Love.

Thanks for visiting today - I hope you have a wonderful night!


  1. Oh Sherri those are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love them ALL! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, LOVE the creations girl!!!! I do believe the first one is my favorite!!! Pretty pretty pretty!!!!

  3. Great job there girl...I love them all

  4. It is so fun and relaxing to play with paper and it shows right here! Your ARTwork is just lovely and I've sure enjoyed the visit! I do so like that collage stamp you got from Michael's! Diann

  5. Wow Sherri,

    You really did find some art time. These are all fantastic.. Can you find me some art time????

    Wishing you abundant blessings,

  6. OHHH Sherri!!! BEAUTIFUL cards!! Glad you got some YOU time!