Thursday, October 22, 2009

The ART of Magic

Long ago I got to witness the art of Magic - David Copperfield Magic. I have been a fan, even before seeing my first live show well over 20 years ago. I was awed at that night. He appeared in the audience right next to me, placed his hands on my shoulders and spoke with me. I was a gonner at that point - a fan for life.

Fast forward to tonight, and another David Copperfield moment. We spent close to two hours watching art of a magical sort. The man is truly a magnificent artist - fooling the eye, entrancing the audience, leaving children wide eyed and amazed. My daughter Katherine saw her first live magic show, just as I did many years back. She was entranced thru the entire show, sad when it ended. I have to admit I am still just as big a fan, and still find the man to be magnetically attractive.

Once again tonight he appeared right behind us. Katherine and Rodney were stunned, mouth wide open as they realized he was within two feet of them. He smiled, they smiled, and Katherine was a gonner. :-) Like mother, like daughter.

It was a wonderful night, full of fun and magic. Every life needs a little magic - it makes it so much more interesting.


  1. Sherri,

    A truly magical night.. Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you abundant blessings,

  2. How very very cool!!!! It was indeed magical in so many ways......mostly it seems as though you and your daughter got to experience the exact same event....that in itself is priceless!!!!!!

  3. That's sooo cool! I have yet to go to a *real* magic show! It's so great you've gotten to experience him in the flesh!!