Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hearts and Swirls

Valentine's is right around the corner, love is in the air.....

This little heart hanglie danglie will be winging its way to my ARTHaven friend Sandy on Monday - I hope it makes her smile. I used papers from SEI and findings from Lost and Found, both of which just shouted Valentines Day to me.

A little button fairy flitting by.....

I have entered a whole new area for me - working with beads and wire. It was an interesting introduction, as I learned that there is a big difference in the gauge of wire, as well as regular wire and MEMORY wire. Little did I know that the lower the number, the thicker the wire. The big haha on me was the memory wire. It doesn't bend well, it pops right back into shape, and darn it all, it will NOT straighten out for anything. Nor will it go through the holes in a button. Well, it will go through one, but not the second. After asking for advice, and a speedy run out to get new supplies, I was finally able to put her together. I loved this project - loved the colors, the feel and just how much fun she is. I wish I had more buttons on hand, because I would have made several more. These are going to make great little gifts down the road for some special friends.

Isn't she lovely?

A Suave and Debonnaire King of Hearts

I had to smile when I saw this image from an old pattern book. This seemed perfect for the King of Hearts altered playing card. All he needs is his queen on his arm.

More Christmas Fun

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The two projects that follow are exchanges that were done for ARTHaven. Both of these were created using gorgeous paper from My Minds Eye - so elegant and perfect for the holidays. While you can't see it in the second picture, the paper had beautiful glittered sleighs on it, which went perfectly with the silver ribbon I found in PA over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Here are a few more of my art projects for Christmas. These were all done for ARTHaven, The holidays were a blur this year, time ran short, I was late on many things, and most of all, overwhelmed a great deal of the time. I was grateful though for the time that I had to create and play, and look forward to a new year where time is more available! I am looking forward to letting my creative mind overtake the analytical mind for a change.

The image used on the snow ATC is an actual photograph of a real snowflake. I found this and other images at They are from a project at CalTech University in California. They are amazing.

A Christmas Shoppe

In ARTHaven one of our fun projects was a Christmas Shoppe Row House - I had a great time with this one. I was able to find the perfect file from SVGCuts and was thrilled with how it fit my idea of a shoppe. The little bit of sparkle is from some beautiful glass beads.