Thursday, April 22, 2010

Handle With Care

How will you handle our fragile world?  Are you remembering to handle it with care?  Let me know what you are doing to recycle, reuse or refresh our earth.


  1. This might not be "green" enough, but....
    1. Using old bricks for area by pond and around a corkscrew willow; they would have went in a landfill otherwise.
    2. Making glass totem poles out of old glass plates, goblets, dishes, etc.
    3. Sharing plants with others.
    4. Planting a veggie garden so we can have fresh.

  2. Hi I didn't get here yesterday. My husband and I have been adding more and more green choices to our daily lives for a while now. Recycling (unfortunately we have to travel to our recycle center). Conserving it he has leftover water in his work bag I put it in the dog's water bowl. Stopped using sandwich bags and use reusable containers. We compost and garden. We try to repurpose and reuse things to keep them from going to the trash. Joined freecycle...and do donate items. Constantly recycling and reusing in my ART :)

  3. ok I try to use a recycled bag every time I shop... BTW love your pic for today! (and your creative artwork)